Our issue

Our problem

This term destitution may seem quite abstract and even Victorian to some, but for some people in this country it is very real including:

  • Refused asylum seekers unable to be returned to their country of origin but with no access to benefits or employment
  • People excluded from Universal Credit through sanctions
  • Migrant domestic workers fleeing their abusive employer but with no right to find another employer or receive benefits

Our solution

In addition to highlighting the different causes of destitution, working with our partners we will be determined to promote practical policy and practice changes that will end the risk of destitution. We will take specific issues of destitution and work with relevant skilled people over a finite period to find creative ways to push for specific changes to end a particular aspect of destitution. 

We know that with limited time and resources we will not be able to work on all of these issues, but we will prioritise and be driven by those cases with the most pressing humanitarian need. And our advisory group will ensure that we do stay true to this ambition.