About us

We are volunteers. We receive no funding. This initiative is driven solely by a passion to end destitution in the UK.

What we will be

We will proactively champion people in destitution, whatever the cause, promoting practical solutions, and we will respond to legislative changes across the UK, which run the risk of causing destitution. We will be driven by the greatest humanitarian need, and we will seek to make maximum use of the available evidence held by our partners around the country.

What we will not be 

We will not be an organisation. We will not look to create full-time posts and we will not seek to compete for funding with other organisations. We will also not look to deliver services. 

Our approach to change

We will always focus on a clear problem and solution on destitution. We will seek to build new allies. We will do targeted media work to seek influence on our targets. We will seek to build relationships with interested Parliamentarians from all sides of both Houses, in the devolved nations and opinion formers. We will show persistence but always be ready to learn and try new approaches. We will want to be judged both by our impact on policy and practice change but also by growing the support for action to end destitution. 

Next steps

We are excited by this new approach, but also keen to get feedback on this proposal. Over the coming months we will be reaching out to people across the country concerned about this issue. We are interested to bring together such people to test our thinking and to be open to new ways of working. 

We do not think that the existing models of organisations and campaigning are fit for purpose for ending all destitution. We have our own ideas; yet we also know our approach will be stronger for being challenged by those who share our passion for change.