Our Mission

Our idea

No-one living in the UK should be destitute.

By destitute we mean no job, no income, no benefits, no home, nothing.

In the sixth largest economy in the world, we do not believe anyone should be destitute.

And if people are destitute, then just to survive they will be open to abuse and exploitation with none of the rights that we take for granted.

There are people living in destitution in this great country.

We want to end destitution.

There is a humanitarian crisis in this country, often hidden but leaving thousands of people destitute and open to abuse and exploitation.

The End Destitution Campaign is a start-up campaigning catalyst based on the basic humanitarian principle that no-one should be destitute, and works with organisations across the country helping people to cope with destitution every day, to promote policy and practice change so that no-one should live in destitution.

We are inspired by the great campaigners in this country, who refused to accept that some things were just too difficult to change, such as William Wilberforce, who refused to accept that slavery had to continue. We see people living in destitution in this country as having to live as slaves just to survive.

If you’re interested, do get in touch with us.